Community leaders throughout Florida are working together to forge a pathway and plan for accelerating Florida’s progress to inclusive growth. Below is a summary of the emerging AdvancingFlorida Vision.

In 2016, the State of Minnesota enacted an Equity Plan, codified by an omnibus budget bill committing $35Mill in one-time funding and $17.5Mill in on-going yearly funding to “begin to address Minnesota’s alarming racial and economic disparities.” The bill was spearheaded in the state’s legislature by Senate Equity Subcommittee co-chairs Sen. Bobby Joe Champion and Deputy Majority Leader Sen. Jeff Hayden.

The milestone inspired community development leaders in Florida to join forces to advocate for a similar investment by the state legislature. Their concept is called AdvancingFlorida: A Vision for Inclusive Growth, an emerging plan to speed progress in 4 areas (Small Business Growth, Workforce Development, Financial Health, and Neighborhood Revitalization). The concept borrows extensively from JP Morgan Chase’s AdvancingCities impact model.

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