The components of the One Community Plan will be informed by examples of success across America, and by the latest leading practices for accelerating economic growth in “opportunity communities” such as South St. Petersburg.

This library of resource materials is updated on-going.

Investor Cooperatives

NorthEast Investment Cooperative – A guiding model for One Community

Florida CEED (Florida Cooperative Empowered Economic Development Corp.)

Black Land Matters – A unique model for consideration by One Community

Social Impact Bond/Pay for Success Models

Example: Massachusetts Juvenile Justice PFS Initiative

What We Learned from the Failure of the Rikers Island Social Impact Bond

State of the Pay for Success Field: Opportunities, Trends, and Recommendations (April 2015)

Innovations in Pay for Success: Outcomes Rate Cards (July 18, 2017)

Pay for Success (PFS) project model and resource library

Opportunity Zones & Qualified Opportunity Funds

Qualified Opportunity Fund Brief by BBIC Mar 26 2019

Accelerating Business Growth

The American Underground Annual Report FY2017

Nashville Entrepreneur Center

Building Family Wealth

Cities of Financial Empowerment National Evaluation of Financial Empowerment Center Model

Evaluating Change

Urban Institute Framework for Workforce System Change

Economic Development & Redevelopment Plans

Grow Smarter Initiative

South St. Petersburg Community Redevelopment Plan

Warehouse Arts District Joint Action Plan

Skyway Marina District Plan

Intro – The Why, What, Who, How and & Much of the One Community Plan & Planning Process (used at Apr 30, 2018 Interest Meeting of Prospective Plan Development Committee Members)